Spanish Advisory Committee Constitution

During 24th and 25th November 2015 the Spanish Advisory Committee have been constituted. 2 meetings have been organized for this purpose. The first meeting was held on 24th November in la Pobla Llarga and the second one took place on 25th November in Sueca. The meetings were attended by teachers and principals of the participating schools,… Continue reading Spanish Advisory Committee Constitution

Partners Kick off meeting in Sueca (Valencia, Spain)

Last Tuesday, 3rd November 2015, at the headquarters of Energy Agency of Ribera (Sueca, Spain), the first meeting of the project Let’s Move! took place, attended by representatives of Prioriterre, the city of Wroclaw, the city of Koprivnica, and the Energy Agency of Ribera. In the coming months the Advisory Committees will be formed in each… Continue reading Partners Kick off meeting in Sueca (Valencia, Spain)