Study of Mobility in Koprivnica (Croatia)

Through result of the mobility surveys we have received information about the habits of movement and attitudes about mobility among the members of the advisory committee, students and their parents. After analyzing student surveys, we concluded that an approximately equal number of students coming to school by public transport, by foot  and by cycling ,… Continue reading Study of Mobility in Koprivnica (Croatia)

Study of mobility in Wroclaw (Poland)

On January 2016 in four schools in Wrocław was carried out surveys to students, parents and the decision group in order to know the mobility habits and perceptions. In the student survey was attended by about 2,000 children. After analyzing them we can draw a conclusion that the most children come to school by car… Continue reading Study of mobility in Wroclaw (Poland)

Routes Design in Wroclaw

From March to April 2016 students from four schools in Wrocław were designing routes from home to school that were going to be analysed afterwards.   First of all, the students were drawing alone or with their parents their daily route from home to school. Later on, every class selected three routes and finally every… Continue reading Routes Design in Wroclaw

Study of Mobility in France

To set up a walking bus, we first have to study the travel habits to school of parents and children. A lot of work has been done on the development and treatment of travel surveys. The parents’ survey was also translated into Chinese and Turkish !   The town helped us to print and distribute… Continue reading Study of Mobility in France