Final Survey in La Ribera (Spain)

Just as at the beginning of the project, during the month of June, the hadsup survey was repeated to the students participating in the Let’S Move project in order to analyze the influence of the project on how the students go to schools. Surveys present the error that is done at a specific moment, but with them you get an overview of how displacements occur.

The following graph shows the results at the beginning (2016) and at the end (2018). In CEIP Pare Gumilla (Càrcer) and La Encarnación School (Sueca), there is no change in the behavior of families, even a little less favorable towards the soft modes. On the other hand, the CEIP Sanchis Guarner (La Pobla Llarga) and the CEIP Almassaf (Almussafes) show a significant increase in displacements in soft modes. Thus the CEIP Sanchis Guarner, has increased by 14% the displacements by bike or scooter, and 3% in the journeys on foot, adding 17% the total increase in soft modes. In the case of the CEIP Almassaf, 22% of the trips to the school center have increased, representing 93% of the students. This coming school year, 2018-2019, the participating schools will continue to promote the walking bus and sustainable mobility activities to encourage movement in soft modes.